4 comments on “Planet X Earth Changes & Truth Seekers Research

  1. For ease of use, this blog is not moderated…meaning your posts do not need my approval. however I do check posts several times daily. saying that, it is futile to leave abusive or vulgar comments, as they will simply be deleted and your account suspended from this blog.

    Otherwise, please feel free to blog and drop informative links in their appropriate categories.


  2. My background (so-called credentials) is in AC/DC analog & digital electronics, with 15 years hands-on experience in my field. My degree is in Computer Engineering. My other hobbies/interests are music/studio recording, computer repair, component-level circuit repair, and an extreme interest in physics and astronomy. Highest level of mathematics is pre-calculus. I hope that answers your question. Also, I will never claim to be ‘the expert’ in any field. I’ve learned that in life no one EVER masters anything. The more you learn, the more questions you have and the more learning you have to do !! I’m just a very curious person with a desire to continue my education through collaboration with others.

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