6 comments on “Radio broadcasts and documentaries

    • Radio Fear Porn.. Why are you advertising this/there rubbish.. come on relic… put some effort in.. must try harder. old news is no news at all!!

  1. This is an Alex Jones report that EVERY AMERICAN SHOULD WATCH. It’s about a new bill, labeled the NDAA, or the National Defense Authorization Act. Basically, it declares the WHOLE WORLD a warzone, INCLUDING our own US soil. Posse Commentatus is out the window. You can be taken away without reason, or due process and tortued / detained indefinately. How long before we see military troops on our city streets?

    Video is in 6 parts, i urge everyone to watch all 6.

    NDAA’s World Wide Declaration of War on The People: Alex Jones Sunday Edition 1/6

  2. Is this the Relic Research website..lolol, or the planet x site.. Just fear-porn if you ask me!! yes, i cannot believe you still have “planet X” in the title when it been so vigorously de-bunked.. old news is no news at all!!

    • I don’t mind criticism, not at all. But people are also too quick to judge. For one, we just got this blog started 2 days ago, so all posts are new and the site is evolving. Secondly, it’s laughable that so many people take the title of our site, and our chat room literally. ‘Planet X’ is not referring to nibiru, wormwood, tyche, or any other mythical high mass object. It is a play on words that simply means ‘everything that is going on with OUR planet’. When put into context with the ENTIRE site title/chatroom, this becomes obvious to the educated populus. I cannot help that some do not make that determination with their own minds. I must add, that we do not push any kind of ridiculous theories, or have any kind of agenda. The purpose of this site and our Paltalk chat room is simply to discuss and present the facts in a way that we hope is unbiased, and looked at from many perspectives. I built, and maintain this website. However, you should know that almost every link and video comes from our visitors and chat room members. Most of the content is provided from within the Paltalk chat room, and suggested by the people who participate there. So to respond to your comment “Is this the Relic Research website..lolol, or the planet x site” … this is not MY site based on MY opinions, but rather the collective ideas and information from MANY like-minded people.

      Thanks for your reply, and allowing me to explain our values and intentions


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