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  1. First Post here Folks… Lildrestl3 in the Chat room.

    You have to think what are your needs, This will be dif. for everyone. I live in St Louis Inner City, So first sign’s of SHTF I’m Bugging Out to Dads Farm 45 miles south of here. 45 min.drive or I figure 3-4 days walk if Earthquake or EMP and truck won’t run etc. So I plan for both.
    Lets Start with Water, Its the most important of all survival preps.
    Most sites say 1 gallon a day per. person for drinking and washing up.
    I figure on 2 gallons a day for wiggle room and sharing. Now I will say what I have and do for water.
    I went on Craigslist and picked up 2 IBC Totes that hold 275 gallons each = 550 gallons there. That I have at the BOL ( Bug out Location ) They also can be stacked 2 high giving me 550 gallons on a 4×4 footprint. Make sure that the totes were used for food grade stuff. Mine came from a plant that mixes alcohol. My totes had spiced carmel that they mix in with rum. It was kinda like soda carmel. Cleaned them out and filled them with water and 1/8 cup bleach and let it sit for a day then drained them. We also have a well at the farm that we can switch off the pump head and put a hand pump on like the old days. I keep 5 gallons of bleach on hand at all times. sounds like a lot but its 10 bucks a year. I rotate it using it for a million things. cleaning etc.Remember water weights 8.1 lbs per gallon or close to that So you don’t want to be caring a lot of water around, Its better to be able to clean it as you go. I picked up a katyden vario water filter for $69.00 bucks and extra filter. http://www.rei.com/product/750927/katadyn-vario-water-filter Its not the best filter out there. I liked it cuz it has 2 settings on it to extend filter life. 1 for muddy water etc. and 1 for clear water. It will clean 500 gallons per filter so 1000 gallons there. So were up to 1550 gallons
    12,555 lbs of water or just over 4.25 years of 1 gallon a day per. person. There’s the Katyden Pocket water filter which is More money http://www.rei.com/product/653573/katadyn-pocket-water-filter that will filter 13,000 gallons of water per filter. That will be my next filter to buy. The old saying is 2 is 1 and 1 is none. I needed a Filter asap and the vario was the best I could afford at the time. But I will have 2 filters before long. Relic I think has a line of filters as well that he likes that filter out more stuff. This is what I have thoo. I also picked up a case of pool shock 6 one pound bags. Which can kill anything in like 100,000 gallons if need be and last forever as well. Bleach has short shelf life. 6 months or so and it losses its power. This is what works for me. I will get into this more deeply with amounts of bleach vs gallon of water etc. and other ways of collecting water. in next post. I just wanted to break the Ice on this post. lildrestl3 ~ on PalTalk or FB. or on http://www.survivalistboards.com and Yahoo as well Same name on all.

  2. Made this video showing my plans for solar powered well pump. Waiting to hear back from the ‘pros’ to see if this design on paper will work in real life…

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